My roof is under stress (being replaced as we speak). My life is under stress. My marriage is under stress. I keep asking myself why I have entered a phase of my relationship with John in which the "fun factor" has disappeared. Conversations about remodel details, the baby's sleep habits, construction budgets, Shelby's summer sign ups, blah, blah, blah, our mundane life, same S%$! different day. We need a shake up, a wake up, some way to refocus ourselves so life is on the outskirts and we are back in the center of our circle, balanced, channeling our inner spirit, maintaining our chi, whatever!
I'm considering shadowing his every move for 24 hours, in his space, at his work, reading the sports page while he reads the sports page, eating out of his same cereal bowl. I don't think I'll even warn him. He'll just wake up one morning and !WHAM! Insta-Body-Double. I'm intrigued by the idea of this intermingling of personal space to reconnect. I think it might spur some insight. I also think it might really piss him off. Imagine, me on his lap while he interviews some college kid for an internship. No explanation necessary.
I got this wacky idea from the following article-watch the video, it's pretty funny, too.
"A Short Leash. Did you hear about that Buddhist couple who're never more than 15 feet apart? Well, we tried it." By David Plotz and Hanna Rosin

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JO said...

OK, that is hilarious...laugh out loud hilarious. I was just thinking of you doing all of the things with John and not telling him you were performing an experiment. He would think you have LOST your mind! Hilarious!