Today I'm celebrating my six month blog anniversary. Every day for the past 180 days I have exposed my life, my family and my most comical mommy moments in print.

How am I celebrating? I wish I was celebrating with a big fat check, followed by a major shopping spree and an advertising contract. But alas, reality is more intimate and lacks extravagance. My laptop and I are bathed in the glow of candlelight, enjoying a light meal of mac n' cheese and a robust bottle of Cabernet alone on the sofa this evening.

Raise a glass and toast our newfound cyber relationship, my friends! And then, as I vow to continue this slow train to complete public humiliation, blog entry by blog entry, I ask you, my reader, to help reminisce the past six months. I know there are at least 100 of you out there reading this right now. I would love to hear from you all to help further my commitment to public flogging, I mean blogging.

Yours, G


Anonymous said...

Cultured Nativity is one of my links at the top of my web browser making the blog just a click away.

I was looking forward to some Disneyland anecdotes.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for some D-Land stories, it seems impossible that trip was without some blogable moments! -EC

Anonymous said...

love it! in the midst of sitting for way too long at my office desk...i get away for a brief few minutes a day to smile and laugh with you! keep it up!