Happy Anniversary to Me

Today, I am celebrating my 7th Wedding Anniversary. And I have learned a few things over the years (just a few) that I'd like to share with the world.
G's Secrets to a Healthy & Happy Marriage:
#1-Marry a man who listens, nods and agrees (almost always). He who has an opinion creates speed bumps in a woman's world. Well, I'm a steam roller baby, and I'm gonna roll all over you, love.
#2-Always kiss each other goodnight-no matter how pissed off you are. This is advice we actually followed from the day we said "I Do" and it works!
#3-Shower your man in love, home baked goods, and ooey gooey compliments (especially if you ever expect any of this to boomerang back to you). This is a formative shield for moments when something offensive slips out of your lips like, "Why don't you do some yoga with me-it might make you taller." (I am such a bitch-where is my internal filter???)
#4-Watch him work-it's the biggest turn on to see your man in action.
#5-Let him be him-respect his hobbies and interests. If you fight them, he will fight you and no one will be happy. He who is given time to pursue his hobbies is a happier man at home and behind closed doors. And the trade off carries over to your own hobbies and interests, so you can hit the gym alone, head to Bunco with the girls or even, a housewife's dream, grocery shop sans children.
#6-Laugh, a lot. This seems to work for my parents through their 37 years of blissful marriage and I fully intend to follow their example. Laugh.
Does anyone else have marital advice? Please send your best material, I'm all ears!

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JO said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats on seven years...we are one year behind you, but going strong. I liked all of your tidbits of advice, very sage...