The Magic of Imagination

Let me start by saying that I've been on a Disney Downer ever since arrived home. It's as if I no longer know what to do with all the free time, the quiet moments... I find myself itching for a fast ride, loud noise and throngs of screaming children (what the hell is wrong with me???)
Let's discuss the real magic:
Disneyland has certainly earned their Magic Kingdom title because it is truly where all the magic happens. This trip was my first experience as a parent, and let me tell you, those "Disney Folk" do it right for the little people. Every detail, every moment, every voice and trick is in full effect in Disneyland and they don't EVER veer off course.
The critical side of me scrutinized Peter Pan while he entertained Shelby in Storybook land. First off, the kid was about 25 and had to be on hormone enhancers to keep THAT voice!!! He didn't miss a beat, churning up conversations of food fights and extra servings of bubble gum ice cream. He even looked comfortable in his shiny green tights-WOW!
We spent some time with a very enthusiastic employee who was kind enough to give us some VIP treatment on our first day. She immediately got down on Shelby's level, asked her questions, listened intently to every answer and made both kids her priority. I was extremely impressed.
Let's rewind to our arrival. We blew into the valet parking at our hotel (Paradise Pier) flustered and exhausted after three wrong turns and a second stop for directions. You can imagine how we looked at this point (LOCO). We fell out of our car and were greeted by two hotel staff, one friendly valet, and one super nice guy who zeroed in on Shelby and asked her all the right questions. Before we had time to blink, he was handing her an autographed picture of all the Disney Princesses while John and I frantically unloaded our belongings. Okay, this guy was good. Really good. BUT, where's the adult beverages???!!!! Doesn't Cinderella cook up a mean Mai Tai? Where's that, buddy?!?
Skipping ahead to the evening Fantasmic Show...OMG don't miss this!!!! It is truly amazing and the fireworks show that follows is equally magical-Holy Flying Tinkerbell. P.S. Warn your sensitive little ones about the witches and dragon in Fantasmic-it makes it easier to breeze through once you're there.
The Magic Of Summer: Sure, it's crowded. Sure, it's hot. But the bonus: EVERYTHING is happening, the evenings are gorgeous and excitement is around every corner. We arrived prepared for outrageous lines, intolerable crowds and total frustration. We were met with tolerable lines, a few hot hours of weather, and completely manageable crowds. Staying at the Paradise Pier (a Disney Hotel only a Monorail ride and 5 minute walk from Tomorrowland) SAVED US!!! The very second we snapped at a meandering family blocking our path to Frontierland we knew it was time to bail. Hit the pool, hit the bar, chilax for an hour or two and then go at it again later. Well worth the completely outrageous prices for our mid 80's decor hotel boudoir.
Alright, I could go on and on but ultimately, this is what it's about-MAGIC. Those Disney people ROCK!!!! Every teenage college kid decked out in Snow White ballgowns and Minnie Mouse heels is well trained and perfectly in character. They are the magic and the magic is Disneyland. Um, could somebody cast me in a commercial, please?


JO said...

Yay! I really can't wait to go now.

Anonymous said...

I am forwarding to husband :). :)AK