A New Leaf

After visiting my girlfriend in Monterey where she was holed up with TWIN newborns and her 2 year old (talk about intense), I have turned over a new leaf. One might think that 24 hours witness to this situation would result in utter appreciation of present life (my life isn't so bad, at least I don't have twins!!!!!) and a calm of content in the life I have survived, um, I mean chosen. Instead, don't tell my husband, I am inspired to clean, organize and improve. I certainly have no excuse to be lazy and disorganized...after all, it's not like I have TWINS!!!! I haven't ignored a load of dishes or the 500 piles of laundry in my garage---it is ALL getting done, right this minute, AND put away!!! Unbelievable, I know.
Okay, the only other time I have hormonal swings like this is typically the result of recent pregnancy (OH S&*!!! I'll keep you posted).
Nonetheless, this brings me to the topic of my New Year's Resolution. The "Open Door Policy" which I vowed to uphold no matter the stage of Tornado my house was suffering.
Well, people, drop in, drop by, arrive unannounced ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG because this house is sparkling and I'm still organizing the junk drawers as we speak. I'm a born again Type A-AMEN!!! Stop by, I'll have a pot of coffee brewing and quite possibly a fresh batch of homemade blueberry scones with freshly whipped cream in my incredibly sterile kitchen.

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