Sibling Sweetness

I have always hoped that my children would someday enjoy each other's company. And I always envisioned that happy playtime would occur sometime in their future. And today, I caught a glimpse of the sweetness that shines between two siblings.
Ana has gathered speed over the past few weeks in more ways than just mobility. She shrieks, she giggles, she stands, she swings, swats, screams and sings; she is a regular entertainer.
This evening, Big Sister Shelby realized Ana's potential and challenged the baby to a crawling race across our living room rug.
They took off at lightning speed and motored away until Ana's legs moved faster than her hands and she pummeled her face into the floor. Shelby burst into hysterics and Ana couldn't help but join in the fun when she retracted her smooshed mug from the rug.
The next half hour was spent traversing the house on all fours, giggling and rolling under the tables and chairs as they made a regular obstacle course of our house.
I couldn't help but smile at the sparkle in their eyes when they peekabooed over the coffee table. Sheer joy.
Bedtime was a whole new ballgame when sharing a room was now a complete distraction for both giggling girls. I knew there had to be a downside to this!

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