A Band of SuperHeroes

If you don't have any "Superhero Friends" you need to march right out into the world and find some. I happen to have a whole bunch of them and when the time comes to pick up the RED PHONE and dial for help they ALWAYS come flying out of their mommy lives and into mine with their capes on. I have recently emerged from a 2 week funk. Without using the word Depression, I can't better describe it. Some of you have observed my less than enthusiastic outlook on life through my blog entries. Others have been gracious enough to pick up the other end of my RED PHONE and just talk.
Either way, true friends have come to my aid in countless ways and I just want to mention all the amazing ways my fantastic wonderful superhero chicas have come to my side. Beginning with countless long phone conversations of puzzling through my long list of sad excuses while equally ignoring their own children or mine as their shrieks and screams fill the background.
A much needed list of potential babysitters and some survival advice that includes, but is not limited to, urgings for alone time in this chaotic life we call motherhood, cocktail recipes and pedicure dates. Many superhero ears for listening, welcoming shoulders to lean on and open arms for hugs. A date for drinks when I REALLY needed it. A little back massage and a playdate for my kiddos. More hugs and more listening. And more solutions like workout dates and new goals, movie time and 30 minute "Mommy Breaks". And you're asking yourself, what qualities do I need to acquire membership into the SUERHERO FRIEND club?! I'm pretty sure I'm still working on my own status. These women sure know how it's done.
All this being said, I cannot leave my browbeaten husband off this superhero list because he truly takes the cake when his back is against the wall. With ears more ready to listen and arms even wider for hugs, I don't know how he deals with me sometimes.
Long story short, the glass is FINALLY half full and I'm seeing the world through less gray and more rosy glass (despite the weather). Thanks Superheroes!

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JO said...

It is SO much better when the glass is half full! Thanks for getting me out of the house for a drink.