I Chose The Ditch

"Hey, G, what are you doing wielding a pick axe this time of night? We weren't expecting to see you doing this job!" joked my new neighbors, who were out for a family stroll at sunset.
I had spent the last 20 minutes wildly swinging shovels and a pick axe in an attempt to carve out a trench for our new water line to our old house (which conveniently broke this weekend).
I wiped the sweat from my brow-simultaneously smearing mud across my face-and grinned, "I traded with John: two kids and the dinner dishes for his ditch digging job."
We all laughed, but I laughed the hardest because for the last twenty minutes, I had toiled away to background noise: shrieks of frustration and crying from somewhere inside the house. Not my problem, nobody knows where I am, and I detected an edge in John's voice as he soothed them and tended to their many, many needs. Sweet music to my ears.
I think I'll dig to China.

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JO said...

Dig, baby, Dig! ALL BY YOURSELF!Good luck with the plumbing...I am also sometimes amazed at which option I choose too!