Shout Out

It's been a sporadic kind of a summer this year. I've given up my sanity (and my sleep), strapped on my jet pack, and accepted my role as super parent. Pulling Shelby out of summer preschool was by far the most asinine move I made. Okay, now I'm home 7 days a week with no help, no husband, my babysitter moved away...just shackle me in a straight jacket and take me away.
Well, the point of all this ranting is A: I'm still alive, by some miracle and B: I haven't been as loyal to my blog as I would like to be.
Nonetheless, it is so nice to hop onto this site, read your comments and see that "Somebody still likes me, they really like me!"
I just want to say thanks for stickin' with me. I raise my mid-morning cocktail and toast all of you. To preschool! To Baby Einstein! To Vanilla Absolut! To loyal friends and readers! To sanity-hovering just out of reach!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I salute you for having braving no preschool all summer! I know I couldn't do it! Hope school starts soon! :)

JO said...

SCHOOL STARTS THIS MONTH!!! There is light at the end of the tunnel...sort of.

Gabrielle said...

Sanity is priceless. Never again will I forgo preschool tuition for the summer. NUTS!!!Live and learn. G