A Smarter Birthday

When we celebrated our first daughter's Big #1 Birthday, you would have thought we were reenacting our wedding. The guest list spanned a whole gamut of sources including family, friends, neighbors, extended family, and whomever else jumped at an invite for our daughter's first birthday where there would be a keg, I mean cake.
There were, of course, white table linens, extravagant dishes, and the unavoidable tiered cake. I think I have a picture of it somewhere:

Those are perfectly edible red ladybugs all over the top there. Made by yours (psycho) truly. Uh huh, I AM certifiably nuts.
And here's what my overwhelmed daughter thought of all this craziness:

"Are you serious? WHO are all these people?"

I'd like to think that I live and learn, reflecting on my mistakes, improving upon my decision making. Isn't that how we get wrinkles??? I've certainly earned plenty of those.
With each passing year, I attempt to scale back my birthday psychosis. This year, we celebrated our youngest daughter's first birthday. A whole new kid to screw up with my neurotic party planning habits.
This year, I sent out invitations... 9 of them. I served some extravagant dishes, two from the bakery, and one from scratch. I did bake the dessert: cupcakes. And I'm embarrassed to say that my organic ass made them from a Springfield brand box. Sshhh, please don't tell the birthday girl!!!! Momma's turning over a new packaged and over processed birthday leaf.
But wait! I made the frosting myself.
Here's the resulting product:

And the verdict:

Some things are better off simple. This Crazy Party Planner is catching on...slowly.

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JO said...

Yea! Happy Birthday Ana! I know what you mean...we also had the big blowout of SO's #1...I even think you were there, but I am wondering if we need to invite the cousins for VO's 1st...but I think they might get mad if we don't.