A Toddler's Excuse

Shelby sneezed her 94th sneeze of the morning, spraying a 5 foot radius of our floor with spit and snot.
"Shelby, PLEASE cover your mouth when you sneeze, honey!"
I watched Ana crawling toward the wet patch of infected germiness, her gaping mouth lolling dangerously near the floor. Perfect.
I suggested a nap to let Shelby's "Sick Body" rest and heal.
She defiantly shook her head and explained, in a voice projected through her nose, "WELL, I just smelled a flower and it made me sick!!!"
Stifling my giggles, I prodded for more (hilarious) explanation.
"Mmm-hhm, (her hand on hips, head nodding) that white flower right there on the fence, Mommy. Right there (tiny finger pointing accusingly), I just smelled it and then it made me sick!"

**************************Later That Same Day**********************************
Having awoken from her nap, Shelby emerged from the bedroom rubbing her eyes and looking almost as miserable as she did before the nap.
She draped one leg and half her body over the arm of our sofa as I dialed a friend on the phone, watching her groggily rub her eyes. All of a sudden, sneeze #95 came out of nowhere and the strength of it blew her clear off her perch. I caught a glimpse of her curly ponytail as it slipped out of sight. WHAM! She was flat on her back on the floor.
That was one powerful sneeze.

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