The Best Summer Dinner

Although my husband was too tired to jump up and shout "Hooray! My wife is the greatest cook EVER!" (even though I know he really wanted to), I know the Thai Beef Salad Wraps were the perfect ending to an unperfect day. A light meal for hot weather, crunchy veggies and warm strips of beef, easily and quickly prepared, and all wrapped into a neat, no mess tortilla.
John and I shared the responsibilities of this meal (rare, I know). He grilled the meat and stepped in to wrap up and plate our meals. I shopped for the ingredients-this is the most time consuming part of the meal-and did the prep. Besides the fresh herbs(who stocks fresh mint regularly?), all else is pretty basic and super yummy.
Not necessarily a child friendly meal so whip up some Mac n'Cheese for the chitlins, put em to bed early and savor this sweet and savory light summer meal under the stars with a glass of Pinot Noir or a dry Viognier and any adult counterpart.
Also, the Menu calls for grilled soy-glazed eggplant, it's disgusting. Don't bother.

I forgot the tomatoes for this recipe so I borrowed from the one neighbor I have left in my hood. Being in his 50s, he was shocked to learn that I actually cooked meals for my family that didn't involve a freezer bag or a microwave. For the rest of you mommas who believe in the occasional home-cooked meal, this one's worth your time. Bon Appetit!

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JO said...

AWESOME! Can't wait to try it...of course I no longer have a "grill man" - I guess you could say mine is on sabatical! I also love the part about the snarky neighbor.