Gotta Love Him

My husband is good at a lot of things. He's great at a lot more things. But there's a short list of tasks that he just doesn't do. Hey, we all have our limits. Paying bills, delivering clean laundry to it's proper drawer, cooking, and ironing all fall on this short list. (Admittedly, half of these items are ALSO on my short list list of Nah Ah, Not Never) The addendum to my husband's list involves the refusal to use saran wrap and plastic bags. And, I am not referring to the bedroom. My husband does not use the above mentioned items in the kitchen. Ever.

If, by some miracle, he is found in the kitchen after dinner, doing dishes there are sure to be two items neglected: Large pots or pans. If it's on the stove, consider it nonexistent. It's like his vision doesn't allow for sight in the general cooking region. BLIP. He must pan the kitchen and see a giant black hole where the range is. BLIP. It's not getting washed, soaked, or scrubbed. It's not even visually recognized.

And finally, this brings me back to the saran wrap. I just want to show you an example of how clean up might be handled by my darling hubby after a meal:

Nevermind the empty dishwasher waiting just below the counter.

Saran wrap? Who needs it?

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