I Was That Mom

On Wednesday, I hi jacked a shopping cart from Bed Bath & Beyond and wheeled my children from here to next Tuesday in the Madonna Shopping plaza in a desperate attempt to find cheap/cute bedding for the guest room. Four hours later I arrived home, disgruntled and frustrated with some puce colored throw pillows and a $70 clearance duvet for the Queen bed in chocolate brown. Not thrilled with either purchase, I dragged my bags into the guest room and unwrapped it. The F&%^ing Duvet was a TWIN! After four hours of shopping I settled on the wrong size bedding???!!!!!!! Auugghh.
So, it's Friday and I dropped Shelby off at preschool so I could drive down to Marshall's for a second attempt at acquiring decent bedding for the guest room (with a decent price tag, no doubt). Instead, I bought four Halloween princess costumes. FOUR. Why four? Because they were all so stinkin cute and so stinkin cheap I couldn't decide on one for Shelby so I thought I'd just let her pick. Crazy mom. That's me.
Then Ana started wailing her nap time alarm so I scooted out of there before things got really ugly. Then things got REALLY ugly while strapping her into her carseat. Then she couldn't stop pointing and "AUUUUUGgghhhhhhIIIINNnnnnnnnggggggeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE!" at her empty bottle in the car. So I drove across the parking lot to Wal-Mart. (Yeah, the environmentalist drove her gas powered vehicle across the parking lot and parked it again. Then I drove through a fast food drive thru but I'm getting ahead of myself, now.) Where I unstrapped her (again) and speed walked to the baby formula aisle to the wailing tunes of Baby-Ana-I'm-Pissed-Song. Strangely enough, unlike a fancy department store or the movies, not one customer glared at me and my red-faced wailing child. No one gave me a dirty look. No one made eye contact. It was like we were invisible. Wal-Mart. Guess they get a lot of that in there.
By the time we reached the parking lot I was sure Ana had burst a blood vessel she was screaming so loud. I wrestled her back into her carseat and fell into the driver's seat. SH&%!!! I have a bottle. I have formula. I have NO WATER!!! This is where the fast food drive-thru park comes in. End of story. End of head-ache.
When we got home Ana was asleep and the bottle....the bottle was full.

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anotherdragonfly said...

Awww, I remember those times. My 3 boys are all between 19 and 10, so they are distant memories that leap up and scream HORROR when I read things such as this. It gets so much better as they get older, but you DO miss it. LOL, pups are sooo much easier