The Princess Extravaganza

I have hated the color pink my entire life. I didn't even fully embrace it when my first daughter was born. But something snapped when John and I found out we were having another girl. It was like I could only see through rose colored, make that blinding hot pink colored glasses. I pulled out all the stops: pink walls, pink cabinets, pink sheets, even their toothbrushes had to be pink.
You get the picture? I have done nothing short of create two tiny (albeit pink) monster daughters. And the next part of this story just goes to show that I've brought this all upon myself...
Shelby turned four this week. She proclaimed that her party would be all things princess. And no boys were allowed. Not even her favorite boys (I named them multiple times to be sure she would not be disappointed when they did not arrive at her party dressed in drag). She answered with militant confidence. I had to convince her that her own grandpas and father were allowed. "But it's a princess party, mommy! No boys allowed. Just princesses."
"Can they come if they dress as princes and kings?"
She had to think about it! This kid is tough. "Okay."
The day arrived and I had graduated to Princess Party Planner Extraordinaire. Princess Castle Bounce House. Princess Tiara Decorating Station. Nail Salon table. Tiered cupcakes doused in hot pink frosting with even hotter pink frosting ribbons. Whoa. Step Aside Madonna Inn, this princess party is outta control.
Not only did we uninvite boys, but I even uninvited the princess guests' parents. That's right. Princesses only. No moms, dads or sibs allowed. Shelby told everyone who would listen that she was having a "Drop Off Princess Party". Grandparents arrived in costume, John and I wore velvet capes, I even donned a tiara and my wedding dress. What is WRONG with me???
So there we stood, a band of idiots with a handful of parentless toddlers in a cloud of pink princess dust. I am a certifiable nut job.
The positives: I spent the day with my daughter and her friends, bouncing in the bounce house, painting her nails, adjusting her crown. The girls, all 7 of them, did not know each other and played magnificently well together. Not one tattle tale or exclusion issue to note. I had the unique experience of wiping four princess butts in a row during a trip to the bathroom ("Panties down, gown up. NEXT! Panties down, gown up. NEXT!") I picked olives out of one princesses pasta salad. I chased down one escapee on a tricycle. I helped Shelby open her gifts. I even read her each birthday card. I enjoyed my day with my daughter at her party with her friends.
Lessons learned: 7 girls should not be in one bounce house at the same time. It was like watching a medieval smackdown. 3 hours is exactly 30 minutes too long for any child's birthday. When you host a princess party, expect to be treated like a maid in waiting (tie my shoe, pour me water, fix my nails, change my dress, wipe my ass). There is nothing regal about this role. 7 girls is just enough to keep track of who didn't eat, who needs to go to the bathroom, who's tiara is missing. I did not get a chance to drink a beer or eat lunch. My mother in law brought her camera and printer and diligently pumped out and posted a whole wall of photos to document our day. Parents and princesses were invited to take a few photos home with their party favor bags. Very cool! I did not get to chit chat with many parents until after the party-this was intense but rewarding to know that I had focused on my child and her guests for the past 3 hours.
I would call the day a great success from my standpoint. And mark my words, there will not be another princess extravaganza in my life again for a very long time. I'm Completely Princessed Out!


JO said...

SO had a great time...and it was my first "drop-off" party as well!
Thank you for taking it all on...it was quite a sight to behold. And I LOVED the repurposing of the wedding gown.

hpl said...

I think you need to post a pic of this one! :)

tj said...

I would love to see the photos. I bet you had a fabulous day albiet exhausting. Congrats on the 'drop off' party. I'm considering it for D's 5th party so I'll need your advice on the things to remember.

h said...

Wow, that is really impressive.