You Can't Go To School Naked!

The girls and I arrived at Story Hour our usual 8 minutes after it began. The children were quietly seated on the floor and the librarian hovered above them with a book about Kindergarten. We quietly made our way to the rug and cuddled up together. Then the librarian asked, "Has anyone ever gone to school naked?"
Considering this particular librarian (and I am not making generalizations) looked like she didn't get naked to take a shower, I had to giggle.
She stared at the group through her coke bottle glasses and adjusted the silk necktie on her tightly buttoned blouse.
The kids snickered a little as she held up a book titled, You Can't Go To School Naked! by Diane Billstrom.
Then she said, "Well, does anyone know why you can't go to school naked?"
Oh boy, toddlers, nudity, and an opportunity to speak. This is getting good.
A little boy's voice sang out over the chatter, "Because nobody wants to see your penis!"

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