And Did I Mention?

I have exactly six people from high school that I keep in touch with. We call and email regularly. We get together at least once a year for a girls' weekend. At which point we gather up all our gossip that we've come across from any former schoolmates and dish out the latest news for everyone to devour. This year I arrived with only a morsel of gossip. I had recently encountered an old tennis rival who we'd all deemed to be a little ditsy. I ran into her at the dentist's office-more specifically, her dentist's office...as in, the office had her name on it and she was reviewing the charts on my daughter's latest dental x-rays. Yep, Hello Cathy Rassmussen! So great to see you! You're a dentist! WOW! wow. (Who knew)
After my brief but shielded surprise, I made small talk with her. She informed me that not only had she married another fellow classmate, but that she regularly met up with other class mates who now lived in the area. There are others? YOU are neighbors with the B. Twins?
Okay, rewind, let me give you some background to explain my less than enthusiastic response to this unwanted reunion. I was the chunky athletic girl in high school. Not fat, just pudgy. For my lofty 5 feet 8 inches of height, I was toting a good 150 pounds (or more) my junior year and it only got worse when I went off to college. I played every sport and I played them all fairly well (I didn't sit the bench). Wow, give a girl a topic and it takes her right back to high school. Amazing!
Needless to say, I was not the epitome of cool, I was fair to middling or somewhere in between. Sometime during my college career, I gave up A&W Rootbeer Floats, french fries and binge drinking and shed my pudge. About the time I was metamorphasizing from a Rollie Pollie to a woman, I met John, got married and found myself. I have never looked back. Aside from my hair color, there is virtually nothing about me that looks the same. And no one from high school I care to reminisce with besides my six friends.
This brings me to the B. Twins. The Twins were the antithesis of my high school experience. They were water polo players with the bodies of Gods. They were a pair and a cool pair at that. They were ultra social and ultra high school. They knew all the parties, they threw the parties, they were the parties.
Back to the present: On one perfectly unassuming day, I walked the girls back from the beach and just as I rounded our driveway I heard a scratchy man voice shout, "Hey G! What's happenin'?" Out of the corner of my eye there was a flash of sparkly black sunglasses over tanned skin, a silver SUV, and a mop of thick wavy brown hair. I would know that voice anywhere. I turned to face Twin #1 who was perched in his SUV with two tiny rat dogs panting over the steering wheel, his sleeve of tattoos hung out of his window.
You have got to be friggin kidding me! I moved 3 hours from home and this guy is driving down my street and picks me out of the line up with my two girls?????? Who told ... ??? ugh, the dentist!!!! I'm sure that's a breach of confidentiality to share my home address!!! WTF???
Oh yeah, it gets better. He goes on to tell met that he's getting married this weekend (woopee) and he and his fiance just bought the house 4 blocks away! Did I do this !!!!!!!!!! enough? I said four blocks away, right?!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like the paparazzi just set up camp in my bathroom.
Is there anyone else out there who has had this experience? B. Twin #1 has driven past our house several times since this first meeting and stopped to talk. I am friendly but uninterested in a neighborly alliance. I don't want to get together over a beer and talk about "the old days". I don't have anything in common with him besides my high school. I'm sure I'm over reacting. Am I over reacting? FOUR BLOCKS!!!!!!!!

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