Fool Proof Recipe

My friend, H, is a great cook. She's the brainiac scientist who moonlights as Betty friggin Crocker. She bakes four course dinners for her family of (almost) 4 and makes a mean Orzo Salad. I hope she's alright with my sharing this Fool Proof recipe with you but it has become a family favorite in my house and I know your family (well, at least your husband) will dig it.

The Famous "H" Orzo Salad
(I've never been one for measuring so bare with me, please)
Cook Orzo pasta as directed.
Add lots of olive oil, lots of pine nuts, and lots of parmesan (the powdery version seems to work best)
Salt and chopped garlic and fresh basil can really give it a nice kick. Don't add the basil until orzo has cooled (otherwise it turns a blackish brown color-not as attractive in the salad)
If I have grape tomatoes on hand I find these are yummy and add color.
Serve room temp or cold.
Can be kept for a few days in the fridge but it'll need more olive oil upon serving.
Bon Appetit!

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