Highways in High Heels

Have you ever noticed the people who clean up the highways? You know, those kind hearted volunteers who wear the vests and hard hats and spend their free time picking up trash alongside fast moving vehicles on roads and highways.

Below are two images I copied from online. The first is a picture of a proud volunteer on road clean-up. The second is a picture of prisoners doing the same job. Can you tell the difference?

Why do California prisoners get to wear the same uniform that volunteers wear when doing clean-up tasks?
This is degrading to all the philanthropists in the world (sadly, I don't fall in this category).
I propose that instead of degrading the "Do-Gooders", we degrade the prisoners. I'm sending the image below as a uniform proposal to the California Prison Authority for consideration in next year's Prisoner Highway Clean Up Committee:

If every prisoner had to wear this to clean up garbage, I'm pretty sure we would eliminate repeat offenders.

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