Made Ya Look!

For the past three nights, John and I have snuggled into bed and pulled up a new TV network online. I know what you're thinking, this story could probably go anywhere right now. Pull your heads out of the gutters, people.

Truth be told, we have methodically "tried" a different station each night. (Okay, okay, it sounds kinky but it's not!). First we tried abc.com and watched "Samantha Who?" Got some fashion inspiration but not much else out of the show. Then we watched "My Name Is Earl" and had a few laughs but were ultimately unimpressed. Last night we ventured to cbs.com and watched "The Ex-List". Pretty hilarious. Even though the main character looks like Skeletor with shoulder pads, on the whole the cast is pretty solid.

So we anxiously put the kids to bed tonight and returned to cbs.com for the next episode of "Ex-List" only to find that there's just a pilot and no season! Ugh!!!

I'm taking suggestions for other online TV series addictions. I just have one stipulation: I cannot afford to lose sleep over a TV show that has creepy scary dead people in it or mysterious murders. Trust me, I don't get enough sleep as it is in my life, I don't need to be awake at night because some lady with boils all over her body keeps spitting bees at me every time I close my eyes. Suggestions?


JO said...

So you don't like Pushing Daisies, huh? I don't watch it either, but I did see the part you referenced!
Let's see...I like Chuck and Heroes on Monday...Mad Men on AMC on Sunday...The Amazing Race on Sunday...30 Rock (its season hasn't started yet) and Lost, which also has not started yet! Good luck on your tv watching!

H said...

The ex-list is still on... 9 pm Friday nights

H said...

The Office, there is really nothing better for a 1/2 hour of crack-ups.

Anonymous said...

nothing compares to the Office! dwight is awesome!

JO said...

I agree with H, if you can stand the shifting-in-your-seat- uncomfortableness that the Office can sometimes provide...it is really hilarious!