A Visit From Gigi

I've been away from my computer for awhile. My excuse has to do with my mother. My mom descended upon us for a week. For many, including husbands, the mere thought of their mom (or M-I-L) living with them for 7 nights would drive them to the brink. In my case, her visit is a welcomed gift!
My mom, deemed "Gigi", reads my oldest every children's book until their eyes are both crossed (she even read her adult novel aloud while Shelby painted) and diced every food known to man for my youngest little gobbler. I enjoy her company and she doesn't make my husband the least bit crazy. To top it off, her timely October vacation at our house comes on the heels of a long summer and an even longer harvest (which means John hasn't been around for evenings or weekends since late May). In a nutshell: I had a girlfriend to join me for a pedicure, a sidekick to grab a beer and lunch midday, a second set of arms to hug a tired toddler or change a dirty diaper, and she laundered, folded and put away every last tidbit of laundry in my house. Hallelujah! Our week is over and I am once again, home, alone, with my two girls. I hope Gigi comes back again soon.

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tj said...

Gigi's are amazing I recently had my Mum (Gigi)come to stay she did everything that your Gigi did and even made E's birthday cake and helped with the party. Gigi's rock. I can't wait to have her come again not to mention that next time I'll have 3 little ones in need of attention