Baby Shower Brilliance

As promised, here's some evidence of my most impressive efforts for H's baby shower.

A cake made of baby diapers, towels, bibs and baby blankets. This pic was taken before I decorated it with fresh flowers from the bouquets the day of the party.

The illustrious party favors containing all items related to relaxing:
A mixed CD, a candle, "Calm" tea, face lotion and/or calming spritz (an array of samples I scored at the department store makeup counter for free), and a family recipe for yummy chocolate peanut butter cookies from the guest of honor's kitchen. (I, of course, neglected to capture photos at the actual party, please excuse my reenactment)

One idea I had, but did not follow through with, included hiring a reflexologist and or masseuse to orchestrate an entire room full of relaxing time. Either foot soaks and foot massages or a chair massage. I also made a failed attempt at concocting an organic sea salt scrub to include in the party favor bag. I went as far as to buy the oil and sea salt and glass containers. Then I got overwhelmed.
We didn't play games at this baby #2 shower, but instead were asked to submit a fact about ourselves that no one else would know. Everyone diligently scribbled something down before we sat down for brunch. When we retired to the living room to watch the opening of gifts, my co-hostess filled the down time between presents by reading from our fact cards. Then we all tried to guess who was "a former Sports Illustrated model" , or who "ice skated as a child". It was a nice way to get to know the other guests.
One other tried and true addition to our party was a basket full of envelopes on which each guest was invited to write her name and address. After the party, the guest of honor receives all the envelopes and their respective Thank You cards so she can easily mail out her Thank Yous with pre-addressed envelopes. Easy and rather helpful.

Happy Showering!

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