Calling All Dog Drivers

I don't believe in the hands-free cell phone law. In fact, I don't even obey it-ever.
Unless it feels like an unlucky day (a.k.a. I already drove off with my coffee cup on the roof of my car once today-things can only get worse while driving with one hand).
Anyway, I have a "Honk if you're driving with one hand" bumper sticker now, too. Because, if you really look for them, there are a lot of people not obeying that stupid law.
I am not a rule breaker by nature-I am a rule bender. I don't normally buck the system, so Hands-Unfree Driving is completely out of character. Maybe it's because my daughter doesn't read the newspaper headlines (so technically, I am still a model citizen in her mind). Maybe it's because I have tinted windows. Maybe it's because I don't want to look like a Bluetooth droid. Or I have better things to spend $100 on. I'm pretty sure it might be because my hairdresser said her husband is a cop in SLO and he thinks the law is so stupid, he vows to NEVER ever give someone a cell phone violation ticket (let's hope I run into him before any of his colleagues catch me). It might be because my 3 foot of tangled ear plug contraption is ever so distracting to hook up while driving that it usually gets chucked over my frustrated shoulder. Or that no one can understand what I'm saying when I do go hands-free. Maybe it's because I read AAA magazine and it states that only 3% of reported accidents are a result of cell phone use, and of those, 60% are hands-free devices (they probably had that stupid 3 foot cord in a knot, too).
Well, all this ranting brings me to my conclusion. If people can drive with a dog in their lap, I can certainly handle a cell phone in my hand.


JO said...

No shit! I could not agree with you more. You can't tell me that talking on your cell phone is a bigger distraction than a dog cruising around a moving vehicle. My kids are strapped into their carseats and they are still a bigger driving distraction than talking on my phone was...at least they have learned to be quiet while I am on the phone! I also must have a full disclaimer here...I did rearend someone while talking on my phone, but it was not my phone that distracted me...it was the flashing lights of the cop car directly on the other side of the street from me...needless to say, we did not have to wait for the authorities to arrive!

Anonymous said...

I like to think I am following the rule by using the speakerphone (holding it very close to my mouth so they can hear me, and then sometimes close to my ear so I can hear them) but really I just look stupid! -EC