New Leaf & New Inspiration

Last week was a rough one. The baby hit a teething streak while suffering the final throes of her terrible cold (A combination which results in NO SLEEP for anyone). I smashed my thumb in the car door. Then Aunt Flo came for a visit. And on Halloween Day I caught the Mother of all Colds. Instead of baking ghost cookies and preparing details for my annual witch costume, I spent the day blowing my nose and lying around the house mumbling things like, "I feel horrrriiibblle" and "I just want to crawl in a hole and die."
This week, I'm determined to make up for last week's downfalls. And on my calendar, I'm looking at sunshiney days full of kite flying, cookie baking and happy baby shower planning. Did I mention I'm helping to host a baby shower? I've been assigned the duty of "preserving the pregnant woman's interests" in this baby shower. I get to work with her mother-in-law (which is like collaborating with Martha Stewart and Miss Manners: a learning experience). Let's just say that the preggers of honor is a modern blend, Ikea meets Home Magazine (if you haven't read it, you should) in shades of purple and orange. So far, we've managed to avoid heart shaped measuring spoons in tiny pastel pink striped packages (definitely not modern). And a domesticated party theme that called to mind scenes from the break up part in Father of The Bride ("I thought he loved me! But..but a blender? He got me a blender as a wedding gift??!").
Yesterday, I left my husband and kids at home for a jaunt to town to seek out "the best party favors" EVER. I think I've succeeded and I know the guests will be impressed with the smattering of spa items I've collected. Although our guest of honor does not do pink, she is having a girl, so it seems to me some shade of pink needs to grace the decorations and tables. And I may have over-pink'ed (WHAT?! Me? I mean, I do have two girls! If anybody does pink-it's me). I have pink party favor bags, pink stickers, pink ribbons, I even constructed a two tiered cake made of diapers and baby bath towels in pink, with pink ribbons and a pink and green cake plate. I'd show you the picture but our guest reads this blog-so I can't spoil the surprise. I'll post pics after the shower.
I did a few hours of internet research on modern baby showers and gathered momentum for "The Best Baby Shower EVER." My goal is to make every guest, especially the expectant mommy, feel pampered, special and relaxed. If my party partner, M-I-L Martha Stewart holds up her end of the bargain (the food), we should be dining like queens and feeling fine this weekend! I'll be sure to post results and proof of "The Best Baby Shower EVER" this weekend. Stay tuned.


JO said...

I was already looking forward to the shower...now even more so...do you do 1 year old birthday parties? We are having one on Sunday.

Gabrielle said...

Funny you ask...as I was assembling the plethora of awesome spa items in adorably decorated favor bags (pink, of course) for the baby shower guests I was thinking to myself, "Damn I'm good at this. I should start a business!" I'll be sure to fax over my hourly rate and party favor packages shortly. Wait til you see my results!!!! G

Gabrielle said...

And HAPPY FIRST BDAY to the V-meister! Can't believe he's crawling. He's looking not so babyish and quite boyish these days! Fun to see E and kiddos at the gym. G

tj said...

Sorry that I'll be missing this little baby shower. I hope you all have a fabulous time. I can't believe that times nearly up. (Personally I cant wait till my bub shows up) Send lots of photos my way. Love to all the girls