Ode to My Town

I dedicate the following poems to my muses, all those crazies who wander the streets of my town.

Crazy Jack
Dressed in black,
Wears his iPod with a head wrap.
Big black boots, with buckles and straps.
Kid Rock's cousin, high on crack.

Old man-lady on the street,
carries a broomstick by her feet,
Pushes a cart, wears a hat
plaid and puffy,
"Look, it's Pat."

Skater Dad, travels around
riding half pipes down town
middle aged, got no car
wife and kid skate just as far.

Creepy fisherman on a walk,
To himself he likes to talk,
Up the curb and down again
Pausing for his imaginary friend.

Pizza guy, with his sign
stands on the corner, lookin' fine.
Got his beats, and his rhythm,
bops for hours, cocaine in him.
"6 buck buffet, try it out!"
Scary guy on my route.

My kids observe,
each day in town,
watching crazies cruise around.
"Grow up right, work hard, be good,
Don't be a crazy in the neighborhood."


Anonymous said...

this could easily be my favorite so far... every town has its he-she!

Anonymous said...

Ask GiGi about the SLO crazies that lived across the street from the grey house....she will know who I mean...we even have pictures.

XOXOX Neighba