The Bottle Fairy Delivers

It took 3 months of convincing our 3 year old, and a thousand dollar bribe (cough cough), before the bottle fairy finally dropped a giant box full of playhouse parts all over our garage in exchange for every toddler bottle in the house.
What we failed to negotiate was the final construction of this bribe. The playhouse parts lay motionless for nearly 3 months after the Bottle Fairy's final deal was done. Try convincing your now 4 year old that her trade was still a good one when she gave up her beloved bedtime bottle for a pile of kindling in the garage that usually screamed, "Don't touch that!" everytime she got near it. Some fun this playhouse was, so far.
Thanksgiving came and went and Shelby's excitment for the playhouse was all but extinguished, as was her interest in bottles (thank god). And then, miraculously, in the course of two days, with John and his dad, a 6-pack of beer and a few curse words, the playhouse was resurrected in our back yard.
That Bottle Fairy deal finally came through.
When everything was said and done, Shelby declared, "NOW, let's paint it pink!"
The fun never ends around here.
(If you want the Bottle Fairy to bring you this playhouse, you can put in a good word-and a credit card number-for The Pixie Playhouse at Sam's Club)

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H said...

Wow, that is an awesome playhouse! I think it will look great pink :)