Family Reading & Christmas Traditions

Some genius mom (by the name of Carol) came up with a means to her annual Christmas problem: When the word Santa is mentioned, every child turns into wild monkeys and promptly abandons their manners for high pitched screaming, whining and cruel treatment of all siblings and household members. So she created a book called, The Elf on The Shelf to read to her children each year convincing them that this little stuffed plush elf sitting on a shelf in their home was reporting to the Big Man himself each day, deciding whether they were naughty or nice. Brilliant!
Go to http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000XR6MBQ?ie=UTF8&s=kitchen if you care about your sanity this holiday season and want a fantastic holiday tradition in your house.
Other books that our family enjoys this time of year.....
Jan Brett has a whole slew of Christmassy themed books which include some of the following:
The Night Before Christmas, The Wild Christmas Reindeer, Christmas Trolls, The Three Snow Bears, The Mitten.

Other Great Christmas Books: The Polar Express. Picture Me Christmas Cutie has a slot for picture of baby. The Snowy Day by Jack Ezra Keats. If You Take A Mouse to The Movies by L. Numeroff.
I'm quite positive I forgot at least a million other fantastic holiday reads for children and would appreciate any additions to this list! Thanks, G

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to "The Elf on The Shelf" that is the cutest thing and what a great gift too! THANK YOU