Be Sure to Wear Panties to Preschool

Lesson Learned: Flashing others is not okay, even at preschool.
It's been particularly warm at our house the past few days, and particularly windy. The windy was the part I forgot when I donned a full skirt and heels this morning before heading out to take Shelby to preschool. And of course, as we passed through the front gate and paused in front of the glass doors, my arms full of toddlers and treasures for share, the wind found its way underneath me and swept the front half of my skirt up around my waist. Never mind the entire preschool class and teachers seated on the rug with front row seats to my Mommy Marilyn Monroe Show. It was the man's "Whoah!" that turned my cheeks a crimson red from a rarely seen dad standing behind me. Perfect. Thinking the worst was over, I returned to the preschool to pick up Shelby and was mid-buckle of the second child into my car when the wind revisited. This time, raising the back half of my skirt to reveal my yellow lace thong and complementary "jigglers" on either side. I glanced back to see if anyone was watching and caught the interested eye of the only other man-parent who runs the after school pick up. Someone must have mentioned the possibility of mom-flashing today that they all flocked to the parking lot on the same friggin day. Lesson Learned.

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Claire said...

I'm sorry that happened to you. Hopefully, you can laugh at it now! I had something like that happen to me. I was on a cruise, and I walked out on to the deck, and my dress was blown straight up into the air. I really had to struggle to get it back down because it was really windy. I ended up running inside to get out of the wind and to regain my modesty. That was probably the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me!