Holy S%$!, It's Everywhere!

I have succumbed to the simple fact that my one year old is no longer suffering from the side effects of her flu shot. That diarrhea does not have the right to hang around for more than 4 days if it doesn't have a good reason. I cannot physically change 12 wet, gooey diapers before lunchtime and keep my appetite.
I have deemed my 4 year old daughter "The Poo Detective" because every time Ana explodes, Shelby is in charge of spotting it..."Eewww, mommy it's on her shirt!" and "Oh, no, mommy, it's on her back" and worse yet, "Oh, look, it's all over her chair!"
It's a sunny 80 degree day at the beach and my kids and I are holed up on the sofa in our pajamas, awaiting our next call to duty. When Ana gets "that look on her face" and I jump out of the way before holding her up in mid-air, running to the change table with Shelby, "The Poo Detective" following close behind yelling, "It's running down her legs!"

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Anonymous said...

It is times like these when I think of the big picture. "I know in the long run there will be a payoff to having to drown myself in poop."