It's No Secret

Recently, I've accumulated a mountain of clothing items which have lost a button. I'm reading this as a significant metaphor to my life. Somehow, I managed to not lose said buttons but retained them for later mending. And even more miraculous is the fact that I just finished sewing each respective button onto it's origin of clothing.

Sewing is therapeutic. There's the needle, the thread and your thoughts. Here's a few of mine pertaining to the past few weeks as I sat and sewed my life together, I mean my sweaters. I've decided to appoint each event as the fictional title of a book:

#1. The Poo Detective: A Case of The Anywhere Chair

#2. There's Wax in My Rug (interpret as necessary, not suitable for children)

#3. Tapas For Two, A Tale of Two Lovers in Napa

#4. The Girls And The Gray Hair at Madame Bouffante's, an endearing tale lasting 2 hours.

and the sequel,

#5. Look, I Have The Hairdo of A News Reporter!

#6. Confessions of A Shopaholic, The Tragic Quest of One Woman's Hunt For The Perfect Wardrobe

#7. The Enigma of Hand-Me-Down Panties, Why I Accepted

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