Toddler Humor

"But I really want my high heels, Mommy!"
Shelby was on her way to the park with her Gigi and I was anxious to begin my one hour of quiet solitude while Ana slept through her afternoon nap.
"Shelby, you have three pairs of shoes on the back porch to choose from! Ana is asleep and I don't want to wake her up!"
She glanced at the shoe rack on the back porch and sized up her options.
"No, I really want to wear my red high heels."
The clock was ticking and minutes with my name on them were slipping away.
"FINE. Stay here on this rug and please don't move," I instructed as I headed for the girls' darkened room. I couldn't risk waking up the baby.
I played the James Bond theme in my head and slinked towards the closet like a Russian Spy. I quietly removed each shoe from the shoe basket, one at a time, in hopes of unearthing the red patent heels. Nothing. THINK!! Where could those bloody red high heels be?! I looked around the room desperately before returning to the closet and spotting her luggage bag on the top shelf. A scene from our last trip flashed through my mind and I saw myself zipping up her shoes in an outside pocket. !VOILA! I found them.
I rounded the corner into our kitchen and she was seated on the rug, right where I had left her. She smiled when she spotted the red heels in my hand. And then, and then she said with the slightest smirk on her face, "Did you make 'em, Mommy?"

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