HELP! A Domestic Diva Is Holding Me Hostage!

I walked into our kitchen this morning and found myself held hostage by a crazed domestic version of myself. She stripped me of my dignity, she wrapped me in an apron, handed me a bowl full of cookie dough and waved me in the direction of my oven. Before I knew it, there were 4 dozen perfectly browned sugar cookies receiving the lightest shade of homemade butter frosting, they were dotted with hot pink and red sprinkles all before 8 a.m.. Somebody save me from myself!!!!!

The next part I can hardly find words to describe. This part involved cardboard, whistling, tape, creativity....and patience: All the while I was quietly encouraging my four year old to continue frosting the last of the cookies (without grabbing the spatula from her). Did I mention she cast a sleeping spell on my youngest daughter-who slept until 8:37?? In a flash, it was finished, and here are some of the results:

By the way, when this schizophrenic maniac left me to my own devices, I was 20 minutes late to preschool (as usual) and covered in sticky icky pink sugary stuff. Feeling like myself again, I primped my bedhead, loaded up my Valentine's Gift Boxes and dragged my half dressed children to the car.

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