Hi, My Name Is...

I've successfully created a withdrawn, anonymous profile around town. In fact, I do think I am invisible. I pass the same people in the preschool parking lot every day, and instead of opening my mouth and greeting them, I look away. I have spent the past two years avoiding familiar faces, deflecting eye contact, diverting conversations-I don't want to meet anyone for fear they'll include me in their social circles, invite me over, or for god sakes be my friend...I'd make a great CIA agent.
My loving husband recently pointed out to me that my shifty, antisocial practices could be interpreted as bitchy snootiness. OH. Never thought of it that way.
So the last 3 days, in an attempt to redeem my reputation around town from my, no doubt self inflicted, title "The Invisible Bitch", I have introduced myself to exactly 13 people. I initiated 4 conversations with parents in the parking lot. I even asked one parent for her email address (and I didn't throw it away!).
Now, everyone in town thinks I'm not only a snooty, invisible bitch, but I'm schizophrenic, too.

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Jaime said...

Along the same line, sometimes I find it fun to be a mystery.