John and I have decided to send Shelby to Kindergarten in the fall. My parents, both early education instructors, are very concerned about this decision. Shelby will begin kindergarten before she turns 5. It is a difficult decision and one that must be made well in advance given the process required for public school admission and medical boosters/exams.
This is a big decision for me because it means I will now be on the other side of the fence in the public school system. Not the instructor, but the doting/annoying parent.
This weekend, my mom-having embraced our decision-arrived with a packet of kindergarten preparedness. My favorite item is a Kindergarten Prep Pack from Channing-Bete. You can check it out at www.channing-bete.com. The "Starting School Kit" includes activities and checklists, and even a summer advent calendar leading up to the first day of school. They run about $5.


JO said...

WOW! We still have one more year of preschool. I feel as if this is such a big milestone! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

At least the girls can get thru it together and we can team up and be antisocial, bitchy, snooty kindergarten moms as a team.