Mommy Mama

My youngest daughter sped into her 18th month of life with a whole new set of tricks. Just weeks ago, I dragged her into the pediatrician's office making comments like, "Okay doc, how many words is she 'supposed to have' by now? I know it's not 2." And, "Well, she doesn't really babble or anything, she mostly just shrieks or whines."
Since hitting the eighteen month mark, I can proudly say that not only has her whining developed, but so has her vocabulary, and her babbling. In fact, things have escalated so much I feel as though there's never a quiet, I mean dull, moment.
And last week she FINALLY said "Mama"! Only 18 months of dedication (and 10 months of sober pregnancy) earned me this long awaited title.
And this week, she diversified my title to include not only "Mama" but also "Mommy". These names are gurgled from her tiny mouth day and night. Day and night. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet. At times deafening. Day and night.
Why didn't we mothers ever think to train our young children to refer to us as "Mommy Gorgeous" or "The Almighty One"? What about "The Most Beautiful Woman in The World?" Pretty sure I could hear that all day in any whiny tone.

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NewportJaime said...

Who says it too late?

From now on, my children must address me as: Princess Jaime.