My Family of Four in San Francisco

5 days, 4 nights in San Francisco with two kids can be done. Although my husband was with us in spirit, his job obligated him to disappear every few hours for a meeting or a seminar. It was like dating Superman. We drove over to Berkeley one morning to explore a museum and meet a friend and suddenly, the phone rang, he jumped into a cab and we watched him disappear into the traffic. I held a pile of his clothes in my lap.
The girls and I wandered through the Fisherman's Wharf Aquarium alone. We rode the cable cars to Union Square as a family but when we returned to our hotel he was gone again.
And let me tell ya, I'm no super star single mother. I led our family car down a one way street-going the wrong way in busy Friday traffic. While finishing my beer at dinner I watched my youngest pull a wood high chair over on herself, landing noggin first on marble tile. Ouch. The crowded restaurant turned to gawk at my stellar parenting when the "slower than molasses waitress" arrived with our bill full of double charges and mistaken meals. Sorry restaurant crowd, me and my siren are gonna be here awhile.
I encouraged my 4 year old to give money to homeless people painted silver and when they waved her over for a picture I pushed her in their direction. She's looking unnerved and suddenly freezes in an uncomfortably folded position on the sidewalk. And instead of observing her angst, I give it one more attempt to whisk her into the arms of two large, silver and dirt covered bums. What is wrong with me?
I promised Shelby she could order a "big dessert" every day. This idiotic decree was granted the day before our departure to hurry her bedtime so John and I could finish packing. I'm quite sure we'll be spending our savings at the dentist next month.
Best Experiences (with kids) While in San Francisco:
Cable Cars, Taxis and Electric Trolleys-apparently money can buy you love.
Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park-AWESOME, except for the weekend ridiculousness of shoulder to shoulder crowds
Aquarium of the Bay at Fisherman's Wharf-20,000 fish and totally quiet on a Wednesday
Rainforest Cafe-I'll eat a shoe so long as my kids are totally entertained and happy through an entire meal.
H&M in Union Square-because every child's dream is to have a happy, fashionably dressed mom, right?!
Honor Bars and Hotel Cafes-I think we ate once or twice a day here and though the food was less than par, the location and convenience was just right for my brood. And they both served alcohol. Amen.
Starbucks on every corner-I know "The Evil Empire" must parish but Farmers Brothers medium roast can't hold a candle to a Starbuck's Latte. There was one located a block from our hotel in every direction, thank god for sanity served in a large paper cup.


Lacey Utter said...

Wow Gibsey,
You have really hit the nail on the head. Its good to know someone else goes through the exact same things I do on a daily basis!
My story is about the same for my trip to Sacramento this last week! Hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Gibsey-
You have really hit the nail on the head with this one! Its good to know I am not the only one with experiences like these!
My trip to Sacramento this last week was pretty much identical.. HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be here soon! Wish I would have known--I could definitely kept you a liitle company AND gotten to know Jr a little better!

Your SF friend, SJ