My Family Unplugged

As an avid proponent of "Unplugging Your Family", I must forward the link to this article featured on today's www.MSN.com. You may already know this but John and I stopped channeling Cable TV, or any Television programs, into our home in 2004, the same year our first child was born.
The Article, "Is TV Bad For Your Kids?, How TV Affects Your Child" was featured recently on www.msn.com 's home page. Here's the link, if you're interested:
This short 3 page article got me thinking about life without TV...
Interestingly, if MSN Health encouraged you to turn off your TV what would happen? What if everyone stopped watching television? What would happen to the food industry, the movie industry, toy makers? How greatly would this effect child obesity, crime, violence, Type 2 Diabetes, standardized test scores? How would this positively effect other sources of entertainment? Movie theaters, Drama theater, Arts, Museums, Radio, internet, blogs? How would a "No TV Policy" effect marriages, families, children, education, productivity, health?
Well, I can postulate, but I am just one person. One person rejecting their cable TV box.

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