Pondering Life Insurance

I spent the morning staring down our life insurance salesman. All I could think about was how morbid this conversation was.
And all he kept telling us was how many insurance policies he had on himself (SEVEN to be exact). He even had a policy called, "Last To Die". Sounds like a F$%@ing Video Game. OMG I can hardly keep a straight face while he's telling me this.
(Then I turn to my husband and say."Well, Honey, I'm feeling lucky. I think I'll take The Last-To-Die Policy for five hundred. I'm betting it's gonna be me!")
This is definitely the WRONG career to pursue. This poor bastard is reminding us how he's falling apart, how his days are numbered and he's pretty much going to keel over right there in his chair. From where we sit, he's a tanned, fit 50-something man with olive skin, bad hair plugs and a great smile. There's a recent photo of his athletic wife and teen aged son on the shelf behind him.
How do you spend every weekday repeating the mantra,
"Best to take care of your family before it's too late!" and not believing it? I wonder what the average life span of a life insurance salesman is? It can't be good.
Seven life insurance policies. No wonder he can't afford good hair plugs. Is this how he's going to create "Family Money"? His young son can tell everyone at school, "When my dad dies, he's going to leave me MILLIONS!"


Stilettos and Strollers said...

I know, life insurance is the worst...but seriously, SEVEN policies...only an insurance agent (or a wife with a devious plan) would have/need that many policies! We have just one, for EO, since, you know, us having a home and income relies soley on him. It does include different payout benefits for a list of particular "maimings" and not just death! Lovely, I know! JO

tj said...

We have just brought this conversation up again. Years ago when it was just me and my special someone we (I) just didn't see the need but with three kids in tow I am now beginning to think that paying out money every month for the off chance something goes wrong isn't as silly as it seems. I contemplate just putting up my Hubby as he is our sole income provider but just last night I asked him what he'd do if I wasn't around. Flat out without even flinching he said, I'd be %#$*&ed. I don't think my husband has ever been so serious or honest with such conversations before. I honestly loved him for revealing to me how much I do in our life..... But bugger cos now I think I'll need to cover me too