Rain, Rain Go Away

Man I hate this new blog layout. What was I thinking? (Well, I'll tell you it wasn't the 4 glasses of wine that improved my design skills)

Here are a few cheap and easy ways I've managed to avoid committing myself to the nut house in this incredibly wet California weather:
#1. It's bathtime! When in doubt, toss your kiddos in a tub of warm soapy water and add toys-any toys, kitchen items, sippy cups, straws,etc. My kids bathed at 10:30 a.m. yesterday. It'll kill an hour at least. And don't forget the ritual "Naked Dancing" afterwards. Crank up the tunes and shake your nakey self!
#2. Grocery Store games. Aside from the produce sprinklers, it's rather dry, warm and spacious in the supermarkets. Lucky for me, my local grocers recognize me and my crazy kids but DON'T know me by name. Which is why I can roll into their store and let my kids run rampant through the aisles. Shelby and I play the alphabet game-Sing the ABCs and then look for an A on the food packages, look for a B, sing the ABC's, what comes after B? Find a C!, etc. The younger one just toddles along waiting for a chance to knock something down.
Another game is the "I Spy" game in the produce department. "I'm thinking of something round and red."
#3. MOVIE NIGHT. Pull out your inflatable mattress, throw it on the floor, Pop up some Jiffy pop with the foil wrap over your stove and throw on a new kid flick (we rented Madagascar 2). The kids can bounce around on the air mattress and cozy up to watch the movie. It's fun!
#4. Gear up and head out into the wet.
ANY other suggestions cause we're facing ANOTHER rainy day and I'm cleaned out of ideas. Call the nuthouse.


JO said...

SO has been talking about going on a campout. Since I broke her little tent last summer while trying to put it up, she does not have a tent. So I busted out my 2-man north face tent in the living room! Both kids loved it...they filled it up with their toys and we watched movies from the tent! I am ready to send them outside though...we need the rain, but mentally I need the sun!!!

Gabrielle said...

Great idea! And, a constructed tent looks far better than one made with sheets and furniture in the living room. Go Away RAIN!!!!! I can't take this-Shelby is, at the moment, verbally and physically beating down the vacuum cleaner as she is attempting to "clean the house". Gotta run-G