Taxis and Toddlers

It's a little unnerving to pile your small children into a seatbeltless cab and go careening around the packed city streets of San Francisco at Mach Speed. As a mother, I take the utmost care in chauffering my children around the streets of our village with every safety strap, harness and latch system known to man in place. What on earth compells me, more than once, to carelessly toss my >40lb. precious little daughters into the backseat of some half-crazed taxi driver whose only claim to professionalism is an orange slip of paper reading "Taxi License" and an over sized walkie talkie?
Riding in a taxi is an out of body experience. Who ever heard of a taxi accident? I'm quite sure these wild eyed, cigarette smoking well paid individuals care as much for their passengers as I do for my children. Why wouldn't they for a whopping $10.75 fare and a $3 tip?
I propose we start a new line of Toddler Taxis, with 5-point harness seat belts and DVD players in every seat.

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