This Time The TV Wins

My last post declared my family TV Free. Which is true. And I don't have any reservations about it. Except for yesterday, when every person in the free world watched their morning news channels and learned that there was snow in areas of the Central Coast.
And, because I am totally unplugged, today I got to read about all the people who sought out snowy fields, built snowmen, and threw snowballs in places only 15 minutes away from our house-yesterday. So, instead of appeasing my 4 year old's latest dream to go to the snow, we instead went grocery shopping, surviving our fourth NO PRESCHOOL DAY (aka HellDay) totally oblivious to the potential fun right outside our city limits.
And today, every kid at preschool brought proof of their "Snow Day" for share time and Shelby brought a book about vegetables. All because her mother doesn't believe in television. Man, I suck.


JO said...

Yes, and then there are those of us with tv who also had no idea there was enough snow to make an effort to go see. We watch only one episode of Word World in the morning and then turn the tv off - no news. Sometimes no news is bad news!

Anonymous said...

Join one of those crazy sites like Facebook it's almost like news, but much more addicting...I had people posting snow updates within minutes of it starting and pictures too:) -EC