Verizon Time Warp

My first mistake was lying. My second mistake was listening to my 4 year old.

I knew today was the day I could renew my VERIZON contract and get a phone that actually remained charged for 10 minutes. Bubbling over with excitement, I enthusiastically invited my daughters to make the 20 minute drive to SLO so that mommy could...take them to the Children's Museum!!! (Wait, what? Did I say that? Okay, I'll just roll with it)

We were two blocks from the museum when fate plunked a gigantic Verizon store in the middle of the road ahead of us. And the parking spot right in front was available! It was fate.
Fast forward to 37 minutes later when the parking meter stops to give my car a ticket (I had already scrounged every last cent from my purse and the floor of my car).
"WAIT!"I yelled at her,"Please! I'll move it!"
I then struggled both kids BACK into the car, circled the block and found free "Verizon Customer" parking a block away.
"Mommy! When do we go to the Museum?" Shelby wailed. Guilt had just shot an arrow STRAIGHT through my heart. But we couldn't leave now, the saleswoman was transferring my contacts to a NEW Pink Shiny Blackberry right this minute.
With two tired, screaming children on my hips, I dragged myself through the Verizon doors with the determination of an arctic mountaineer. I will get my phone. I will not abandon my purpose. I will summit!!!!
FORTY TWO minutes later...that's over an HOUR of waiting...we grabbed two handfuls of complimentary chocolates and fled the building. Off to the museum!!
Now, how am I going to park without any more change???

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JO said...

The best mantra I ever learned (associated with business and customer service, but it applies)...UNDER promise, OVER deliver!!! Repeat 12 times. And that is why my kid nevers knows what we are doing until approximately 1 hour before.