White Noise and Future Therapy

Due to the vast coziness of our 1000 square foot house, John and I have employed various "white noise" contraptions to soften any distractions during nap and bed time for the girls. The bathroom fan runs continuously, the wall heater occasionally, and the classical CDs are on a constant loop. My oldest daughter, Shelby, has always been a descent sleeper and falls asleep almost anywhere. Example:

And another example:And one more:

Moving to our tiny house when she was 2 never phased her sleeping habits. However, bringing our second daughter into this world in our cozy little home, has greatly affected her ability to catch some z's. After 18 months, I do not have a picture of her asleep, anywhere. And this crutch, along with all the other parenting flubs we've committed along the way will, I'm sure, manifest themselves as adult issues. One of which will include the use of a wind tunnel in her bedroom.
P.S. I am including exactly 3 pictures of baby Ana (an attempt to thwart any further psychological damage), none of which show her sleeping.

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