The Mobile Make Up Artist

Because I often value my appearance when it is too late, when we've finally loaded up in the car and are significantly late to our destination and I glance in the rear view mirror as we barrel down the highway and shriek, "Auughh! What is that scary looking haggard thing staring back at me?" I have learned to keep a secret stash of tools in my vehicle.

I keep a small zippered bag with foundation, mascara and lipstick-because these are my keys to happiness-in the driver's side door of my car for moments like the above mentioned one (make that more than one).

My other key to happiness, when I need a few seconds to myself to unload groceries or have an uninterrupted phone conversation, I let my kids play in the car. That's right, send Child Protective Services, I said it, I put my children in the car, check the E-brake and shut the doors, because so long as they can't find the keys, they won't be looking for me either. And I can get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

As I'm sure you've guessed where I'm going with this, yesterday I grabbed the last of the groceries and peeked in on my two little rugrats. Shelby saw me before I saw the baby and she made a fast, and guilty exit, while stifling her giggles. My secret stash of make-up wasn't so secret as it was strewn across the back seat of the car.
And then Ana turned around to face me from the front seat, grinning happily and chewing on a tube of chapstick. I'd venture to bet that in most countries, this would be offensive:


NewportJaime said...

I would much rather have children that are rambunctious and loud (like mine and apparently yours) than ones that are quiet and don't do anything. A friend of mine has an autistic boy who barely screams, yells, or does much of anything really. Adults with autism are not outgoing or social and have a myriad of problems. Based on how your children are acting now, I am sure as adults they will be outgoing, social, and have good personalities.

Gabrielle said...

Yes, you definitely have a point! I am so thankful my kids are ...dare I say it...rambunctious. Yea, thankful. Well, so long as I don't cause too much need for future therapy, they should turn out alright in the real world out there as adults. Happy Parenting! g