The House That Jack Built

Well, actually, it's a box that John built and it is beautiful. We got a wild hair last Sunday to start a new project, a long narrow garden box alongside our driveway. We had toyed with the idea for several years but other priorities seemed to get in the way. Not this Sunday, Sunday was the perfect day to head over to the local hardware store and dive deep into unexpected debt.

Now that our children no longer have a college fund, we have (built in a record 5.5. hours) the most beautiful 3-tiered garden box to tend and harvest throughout the year.

Like I said, gorgeous!
Here is the final bill:
Lumber: $260
Lattice: $30

Brackets: $60

Soil: $65

Plants: $30

Seeds: $12

Peet Pots: $8

Chicken Wire: $15

MORE Plants: $35
Decorative Flowers: $11


I was not in any way prepared for the astronomical pricetag of this project. And in discussing this with my hunky handy man, I brought up the topic of savings in our organic harvesting. And so, he suggested we keep a running log of all the money we make back on fruits and vegetables we can eat from our own garden. Stay posted as I attempt to recoup $526 in vegetables...


H said...

That is awesome. Don't forget to add in the price of your happiness (when you see the beautiful boxes) and your daughters learning how to grow things :-) to the savings in veggies.

NewportJaime said...

I WAS going to ask about/suggest ornaments, but it looks so good just like it is.

Judging from the size of your garden, you could have your own farmer's market every weekend!

JO said...

I am so jealous that you can put veggies and flowering plants in your front yard. If we did that, we would be providing a lovely buffet for the neighborhood deer! Looks beautiful, can't wait to see it in full bloom.

Gabrielle said...

Thanks for all the comments! And I am in agreeance with you all. Definitely a great learning experience for the girls, if for none other than an opportunity to spend time with mommy outside the house! We have added painted name sticks to all the vegetables (mostly for my bad memory) and even made a chalked out calnedar chart of when to harvest the fruits of our labor. And yes, we don't have any deer but my mom (crazy as she is sometimes) warned that this depression era may result in neighbors harvesting our foodstuff...god I love my mom. And I might side with her paranoia if we had neighbors...
We've had some looky loos in the hood stopping by to compliment and gawk at the beauty that is our garden. SO COOL! G