All Alone: Update

It is past noon and I've baked four dozen sugar cookies and beautifully decorated 6 just the way I wanted to. I have visited the bathroom two times, alone. All that alone time in the bathroom led me to realize these potties need some attention-so I've cleaned them both and their respective areas being sure to leave the toilet seats UP just because today no toddler will drown in them. I am currently enjoying my newly cleaned kitchen appliances...with NO hand prints (for now). I've made 9 phone calls, most of which were for pleasure to share with my nearest and dearest the fact that I could talk without that high pitched feedback that usually occurs in my house during phone conversations. I tended the garden in peace...and that's when I realized I missed my kids gasping at the latest growth of their corn or crunching up a newly ripened strawberry. I noticed the carrots had sprouted but I couldn't point it out to anybody. Whaaa-whaa.
STOP YOUR CRYING! You have exactly 4.75 hours left to reminisce your PMS (Pre Mommy Self)!!! Get to work, girl. Next stop, the great outdoors for a stroller-less run and then maybe a jaunt into town to run multiple errands without buckling and unbuckling carseats. But first a long quiet shower...Wonder what that will be like!?

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JO said...

I know! I plan for my/our escapes and then as soon as I am not with them, they are all I can talk about and I miss them terribly! Don't get me, wrong I still have a good time, but it is always a different good time than I expected! And if I am with my husband, I remember how much I enjoy having a conversation with him and realize that we NEVER do that when the kiddos are around.