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Oh Dear Reader, How I've missed you! The days have passed like torturous hours and I've had so many thoughts to share with you. Like my theories on meditation: I've been reading a lot about meditation and learning more than I care to know about the practices of serious Yogis and the traditions which accompany meditation in the book I'm reading, Eat Pray Love. And I've decided that meditation comes in many forms, not just the silent "Ooommm" kind rehearsed in a criss-cross applesauce with pinched fingers (oh, the joyous influence of budding toddler communication on one's intellectual process). That everyone, not just Buddhist monks and Yoga freaks (or Yogis, I've learned), everyone who seeks to attain some balance in life seeks a form of quieting the mind. Whether walking the beach, attending mass, surfing, or just relaxing in a hot bath. You do it. Come on, I know you do. For me, meditation is running. But not just a short jog for a few miles. I can meditate only when I push myself to accomplish longer distances. When the steady drone of my feet pounding the earth puts my brain into a numbed, quiet state of consciousness I find peace. Which is why I find myself avoiding running groups or running partners: It discombobulates my chi. Achieving this solitude provides me with a lowered sense of stress, a practical outlook, a humor that rises to the surface more readily in times of need. My body, my mind, my soul are completely aligned. How do you meditate?
I have a new "Funny" to share. As we peeled hard boiled eggs, for the umpteenth time this weekend, Shelby was honing her skills of eggshell removal when she hastily shoved the white substance into her hungry mouth. Her little eyes bugged out and her ravenous chomping slowed to a grimacing gulp, followed by a profound announcement, "I think there was still some CRACK on that egg!"
I've determined that rotovirus has attacked my littlest one. I know, it sounds like some mechanical attack-bot that shoots laser beams and makes R2-D2 noises. Have you read about this on the internet? Talk about feeling like a horrible mother!!!! It claims that rotovirus is most common in 6-24 month old children and is the result of fecal-oral interaction. Yeah, my kid somehow got poo in her mouth and now she has unstoppable diarrhea with a side of vomiting. Oh joy. Yoohoo! Over here! "I accept this giant statuette Awarded for 'WORST HOMEMAKER, TERRIBLE HOUSEWIFE AND DESPICABLE MOTHER' on behalf of my horrendously sick daughter. (cue music) Thank you so much." And the kicker is that this is the SECOND time she's had it this year! I DO suck!
On the topic of grandparents: If you have any, please call them. John and I have only recently discovered the valuable relationships we have with our grandmothers and the miracle we can share with our daughters. Putting our kids in the presence of great grandmothers is an incredible gift and something we both treasure. Especially when you see what joy it brings to a woman who raised her own babies nearly a century before. Drop a card in the mail, pick up the phone, especially on the holidays.
Finally, I want to share with you a family tradition during our Easter Holiday. Egg Enchiladas. That's right, chopped hard boiled eggs inside a cheesey saucey enchilada. Try one today! You'll love it.
In conclusion, meditating and the crack, the destruction of rotovirus, the interconnection between fourth generations and Egg Enchiladas are my keys to the universe right now.
Happy Easter, Yours Sincerely, The Culture (like a Petri Dish)

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NewportJaime said...

Great topic! This blog gives great advice.

Meditation changed my life years ago. I go to yoga classes once a month. Lying on the beach with my eyes closed releases all of life's stresses. When I am relaxed, I feel so much more in control.