Goodnight My Darlings

Goodnight My Little Darlings,
Your Soft Slumber Starts,
I could gaze all night-
Be still my heart.

Goodnight My Little Darlings,
I am so lucky in my place,
as your mother I fall in love
every time I see your face.

Goodnight My Little Darlings,
Sleep tight while I clean,
and tidy and pick up
all your little girl things.

Goodnight My Little Darlings,
I'll tuck you in tight,
my heart swells to see
your sweet little sight.

Goodnight My Little Darlings,
my first and my last,
my babies who are
growing up so fast.


Gabrielle said...

Here they are asleep in the same room, so angelic and perfect! I am so lucky to be their mommy! And H, here's to facing our problems head on: 2 kids, 1 room, a bedtime success!-G

Anonymous said...

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H said...

That is so sweet. I love it!