Growing A Butterfly, Just Add Water!

Did you know that you can order LIVE caterpillar larvae online? WHO DOES THAT?
I do. It began with a birthday present for a family friend's daughter. World Alive makes several science minded kits in bright colored boxes that make great gifts for kids. The one we purchased is called "Fascinations Butterfly Kit with a Super-View Habitat Included".
When Shelby got her hands on the gift to be given, she couldn't stop talking about "Growing A Butterfly"! Upon further inspection, I realized I misunderstood the product. I wrongly assumed that the caterpillars were freeze dried inside the box, waiting for their new owner to "Just Add Water" and grow some butterflies!
Okay, maybe I'm not THAT dumb...but I didn't think this gift through until I had gotten it home. And with further inspection, discovered the 4 Easy Steps on the package, where #1 Easy Step is ordering your caterpillar eggs online. Now, THAT would be a job....
World Alive Carterpillar Manager, Job Description: hunting cabbage fields and apple orchards in search of innocent newborn caterpillars to abduct (aka professional kidnapper).
Back to my point. If you are a crazy mom looking for some scientific entertainment, like I am, here is the site where you can order some painted lady butterflies in their larvae state. www.carolina.com/world-alive Based on my research, DO NOT order the white cabbage caterpillars (they are considered a pest). Stick to the painted ladies. And if you're in the market for a preserved organism, be sure to check out their advertisement for "The Best Preserved Cats-There's No Substitute". Hilarious. Oh yeah, this "Experiment" is reasonably priced-less than $10 for five painted ladies...cheaper than Vegas.


Anonymous said...

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JO said...

We are so very excited for the butterflies to arrive! Thanks so much.