I'm Back!

And you should see me, now!
This recipe is for a renewed, refreshed, and happily balanced mommy:
Two childLESS overnight trips (grandparents highly recommended)
One pedicure
One day of lunching and shopping
Followed by one double date dinner (sitter included)
Topped with a midday brunch with girlfriends
And finally the conclusion of spring break and the commencement of preschool!
I look exactly like Oprah on the cover of her magazine right now, only whiter. !CLICK! I am camera ready (!CLICK!), all smiles, patient, doting and happy. My blouse is pressed. !CLICK! My accessories match. I have a tan. I have perspective. I have renewed my PMS (my Pre Mommy Self). I have forgotten how to cook, but perfected the art of take-out. I have retained my ability to stay up past 10 o'clock! I'm still working out the logistics of sleeping in...I have new goals.
I am me, first. I am mom, second. I'm back and I'm happy. !CLICK!

1 comment:

NewportJaime said...

"I am me, first. I am mom, second."

All mothers should have this perspective.